Alkali RPD Roller Hockey Pants

Alkali RPD Roller Hockey Pants Review

Alkali RPD Roller Hockey PantsI purchased a pair of Alkali RPD roller hockey pants back in October. They looked interesting to me because of their simplicity. They didn’t have a zipper or any snaps that could break off. Also, they looked like they might be cooler than some of the other pants on the market due to the materials that were used.

First Impression

My first impression of these pants was that they were going to be very cool. The materials felt great. The pants basically consist of three different types of materials. The material on the top portion of the pants had a lot of stretch in it. It definitely felt better than nylon. The knees were covered by a heavier material. The ankle section of the pants used a thin mesh material.


When I tried on the pants, the sizing felt off. A large should have been just right, or a bit small for me. Instead the pants were large in the waist. The belt on the pants was very simple and effective. It’s permanently attached to the pants. All you need to due is pull the two straps on the sides and the pants tighten up. Perfect.

The pants were long. I definitely needed to stuff the pants in the back of my skates during a game.

The bottom parts of the legs were quite narrow. This was annoying. They barely fit over my knee guards. To get them on, I have to always slowly work them over my knee guards. I need to do this slowly all the time because of the mesh material at the bottom of the legs. That material would catch on the velcro of the knee guard.


Alkali RPD Roller Hockey PantsThese pants don’t seem to be very durable. After 4 months of use, I already have holes in them. The bottom parts of the legs are breaking the fastest. They used that mesh. In theory it was a good idea to use that material. It should have made the pants cooler. I didn’t notice the pants being any cooler though. The problem with this material is that it isn’t even close to being strong enough.

The knee sections of the pants should have been the most durable. I already have a small hole in one knee. That was kind of a surprise.


I have to say that I am not really impressed by these Alkali RPD roller hockey pants. I have too many rips in them for such a short amount of use. I definitely expected more from pants in this price range.

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