Bauer Nexus 6000 Shin Guards

Bauer Nexus 6000 Hockey Shin Guards Review

I’m reviewing the Bauer Nexus 6000 hockey shin guards. I’ve used the senior 16 inch pads for about 33 games so far. Here’s what I found.


Bauer Nexus 6000 Shin GuardsThe padding is really thick. For the most part, the outside padding was about 14 mm thick. That measurement doesn’t include the removable liner. That liner adds an additional 7 mm of padding.

There’s a good gap between the plastic guard on the front and the padding underneath. It’s not possible to get an accurate measurement of that gap. It looks like it must be about 16 mm. That really makes the pads extend forward from your leg. If you’re buying these pads in a shop, bring your pants along to make sure the leg openings will fit over these.


These pads are easy to put on. There’s just two velcro straps to run across your leg and attach on the other side. The straps are long enough. The straps are comfortable due to the placement on the pads.

Once again, I’m reviewing the 16 inch senior pads. They feel a bit long. They’ll definitely cover everything from your knee down to the top of your foot.

They’re warm. You can feel the heat after having the pads on for about 30 seconds.


Why white? After about 8 games, these pads started to turn brown around the edges. That brown won’t come out. There was some minor bleeding of blue on the outsides of the pad.

White is a horrible color for hockey pads.


If you’re primary concern is protection. The Bauer Nexus 6000 hockey shin guards are for you. The padding is thick, thick. There’s also a good gap between the plastic on front and the padding in the shin area for added frontal protection. They’re comfortable enough. The price is more or less mid range. Would I buy these pads again? The protection, construction, and price would make me buy these again.

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