Beer League Hockey: Last Man Doesn’t Shoot


This is one of the things that happens all the time in beer league hockey. Your team has the puck and they’re on the offensive in the other team’s zone. Your team cycles the puck back to the point and that guy shoots.


If the point guy is the last guy back, and his shot hits the defensive player square in the knee pads, that puck is headed for your goal. That’s not the only bad thing. The defensive player is already headed in the right direction. So he has the jump on your teammate. You need to have a good goalie at this point because your defensive player won’t be fast enough to get back. Remember, he has to change directions.

Throw It In … or Pass

If the the last man back gets the puck, he should be thinking about only two things. Either passing the puck off to the side to friendly. Or, he should be throwing it in so that the puck lands somewhere behind the net. Just chucking it in is the safest option of course.

Beer Time

Yeah! That’s what I know.

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