Beer League Hockey: Wait a Second

JackShotGuys in the beer leagues have a hard time stopping. You know what I am talking about. And that only gets worse as the game goes on. Most of the time, a few simple tricks will get you by them without that much effort.

Point Yourself

Try this first. OK, here’s the setup. You have the puck and your standing still, looking to pass to someone. Some turkey is coming after you of course. Put the puck on one side of you. It should not be in front of you. Point your body towards one of the guys on your team. You’re trying to make yourself look like you’re going to pass to that guy. Chances are good that the guy will try to cut off the pass. But you’re not passing. He’ll just come sailing by you. He won’t stop. That’s too much work. If that happens, your free to start skating up … provided there is no other hostile traffic in range.

Spin Baby, Spin

Once again, you have the puck and your standing still, looking to pass to someone. One guy is flying up to you. You’re pointing your body towards a dude on your team. He isn’t taking the bait thinking your going to pass to someone. The puck should be on one side of you. It shouldn’t be in front of you. You’re trying to bait the guy again like a walleye. As he comes up to you, chances are good he won’t be playing your body. He’ll be going after the puck. At this point, spin and push the puck around your back. Don’t do this too hard. You want to keep the puck in your possession. You’ll have to take off with the puck now because that guy will be right behind you.

Beer Time

Yeah! That’s what I know.

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