CCM RBZ 150 Roller Hockey Pants

CCM RBZ 150 Roller Hockey Pants Review

I’m reviewing the CCM RBZ 150 Roller Hockey Pants. I’ve used the pants for about 36 games. The ones I used were a size large. Here’s what I found.


CCM RBZ 150 Roller Hockey PantsThe first thing I noticed when I picked up these pants was how wide the waist was. It looked odd. Stepping into them with a girdle on was no problem though. There’s nothing on the waist that will cause you to have to shimmy yourself into the pants.

The nylon belt straps on the sides of the waist were a bit rough to the touch. That also struck me as odd because most of the other roller hockey pants used smooth nylon straps. That was a good move by CCM. These straps really hold their place in the plastic strap adjusters on the sides.

The cut for these pants looks very basic and straight. If you lay them on the ground flat and have a look at them, you can kind of see a slight taper in the leg.

The leg openings are wide. You’ll have no problem getting these pants over your shin guards. I’m using the Bauer Nexus 6000 shin guards. These guards are thick and really extend outwards from your shin. Once again, no problem with getting the pants over the shin guards.


CCM RBZ 150 Roller Hockey PantsYou don’t buy these pants for the flash. They’re very basic when it comes to styling. You can basically get only black or white pants when it comes to the main color.


The pants basically consist of three types of materials. According to CCM’s website, they use a lightweight vented nylon and a stretch lycra as the main materials. It feels thick enough to convince me that it will resist tearing. I’ve noticed no problems with the material so far.

The knees are covered with a 1680-denier material. There is no other material under this patch. So far, the knee patches have only minor scuffs on my pants. Once again, the material feels thick and tough enough to convince me that it will last.


These CCM RBZ 150 roller hockey pants are pretty basic. The cut is more or less very straight. There’s not a lot of flash to them when it comes to styling. The construction, materials, and sizing are spot on though. They’re a mid range priced pair of pants. Having said all of that, I would buy another pair of these CCM roller hockey pants again.

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