Skate Lacing

Double the Laces on Hockey Skates

Skate LacingLacing up my skates used to be a real pain. I could never get them tight enough in the middle of the skate. They never felt like they were hugging my feet. Then I came up with this idea. It made the skates feel better on my feet and made the lacing so much easier.


Hockey skates come from the factory with each skate having only one standard lace. When I get new skates, I remove those laces right away. I buy four boxes of different colored Elite ProLace waxed laces. I find that these laces are quite a bit easier on your hands to grip.


Elite ProLace waxed lacesUsing the new waxed laces, I lace both skates with the same colored lace from the toe all the way to the middle of the skate. I leave the last three eyelets open on each skate for the other colored lace.

You get two benefits from using two laces on each skate. The first is that you can independently tighten the upper and lower sections of the skate. For example, this allows you to have the upper section of the skate tighter around your ankle while keeping the lower section looser.

The second benefit is that you can really pull on the laces to get the skates to really hug and form around your feet. As I mentioned earlier, if you only use one lace, it can be hard to get the mid section of the skate to really tighten around your feet.

Try It

Adding two laces to each skate is an easy and cheap experiment to try. It might help you enjoy the game more.

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