Blade Runner adjustable skates

Get Kids Skating

Blade Runner adjustable skatesThe princess and I took this approach to get our kids skating. We bought both our 7 year old and 3 year old Bladerunner adjustable inline skates. These skates are pretty nice due to a few reasons.

These skates aren’t that expensive. They cost about $50 a pair. If you go with a real pair of inline hockey skates, you’re looking at paying around $80. You would only get one size too. With these Bladerunner skates, you can expand the size of the skates to cover 4 sizes. This will save you money again because you won’t have to buy as many pairs of skates as the kids grow. The kids are growing fast.

Another nice feature about these skates is that the front wheel really sticks out in front of the skate. When I watched both of my kids skating, they didn’t fall on their knees at all. I believe that extended front wheel had something to do with that. They always fell on their butts. That was a good thing. I had knee pads on them, but those kept shifting around as the kids fell. It didn’t matter how well I fastened them on.

The Bladerunner skates come with a brake attached. You can just take that off with an allen wrench. You’ll want to do that because that brake will really scuff up a hockey playing surface.

As I mentioned, the kids were falling on their butts when they were learning. We bought them Reebok 5K youth roller hockey girdles. They cost about $25. Those fit the kids really well and didn’t shift around at all. The kidsKids hockey girdle would take some nasty spills. But the pads took all the abuse. The kids didn’t have a problem. Actually the one who got hurt the most was me. For some reason when the kids were falling, I would feel pain just watching them. Odd. I don’t know.

Teaching the kids to skate is still a learning experience for me. If you have any ideas about this, throw them my way.

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