Beer League Hockey: 2 on 1 Defense

JackShotYou’re playing D. The other team busts out and you’re faced with a 2 on 1. How do you stop these two turkeys?

Puck Guy

It’s easy. Pick up the guy with the puck. Try to make him pass or make a back handed shot. Remember this is beer league. The NHL boys play differently.

Once you pick up the puck guy, try to force him to a side so that he has to make a back handed shot. As he brings it down, he’ll have to shoot or make a pass. Give him space to shoot. You want him to shoot because most likely he’ll barf up some limp wristed shot. Nobody is good with back handed shots in the beer league. The goalie will have no problem picking it off.

Force the Pass

If you can’t force him to a side that has him making a back handed shot, you want him to pass. There’s a 90% chance that that pass will never hit the intended receiver.

Beer Time

It’s a toss up what you want more, a back handed shot or a pass. In most cases, you’ve pretty much broken up the 2 on 1. That’s how it’s done.

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