Hockey Stick Handling Board DIY

Hockey Stick Handling Board

Hockey Stick Handling Board DIYIf you want to practice your hockey stick handling skills at home without spending a lot of cash, try getting a hardboard panel from HomeDepot and a bottle of lemon Pledge. Lemon because … well it just smells better. You could also get orange scented. That smells good too.


The board costs under $20 at HomeDepot. It’s a good size board at 4 foot x 8 foot. Just to make sure you are looking at the correct board, the white surface will be smooth.

Pledge It

I don’t remember what a bottle of lemon Pledge costs. I think it must be under $5. You’ll have to keep wiping the board down with Pledge. That takes less than 5 minutes. How often you’ll need to do that will depend on how much you use the board and where you keep it.

Spray the white side of the board with Pledge. Use a paper towel to rub the Pledge around so that the whole area of the board is covered. It’s gets slippery at this point. So if you’re going to walk across the board … be careful. No joking.


Roller hockey pucks slide extremely well on this board. A lot better than on a normal inline hockey rink surface. Ice hockey pucks slide well enough. Not as good as ice. But I think that can be expected.


One problem with this board, and other stick handling practice boards/surfaces out on the market, is that the puck can slide off of the area. What you really want is a practice board with “bumpers” or something like that, that will keep the puck on the board so that you can keep practicing without any delay. I’m not good at stick handling. The video unfortunately shows that. So the puck is constantly flying off the board and that slows down the practice session unless you have a few pucks lined up on the side of the board.

The other problem with a board like this is that if you leave it outside, it will start falling apart after about 6 months. It all depends where you live of course. We’re evaluating this in northern California where it’s sunny almost everyday and hardly any rain.


For this amount of money, I don’t think you can go wrong with a stick handling practice board like this.

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  1. Kevin Sikora says:

    Since these boards are so cheap. You could actually put two together and practice moving the puck all around your body. I haven’t tried this though. You would have to get really flat boards so that the puck wouldn’t get hung up where the board edges meet. If you try out the double board idea, it would be great if you could let us know how it works.

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