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Keep It Fun on the Bench

Hockey players laughingSome hockey games get a little too serious. If you’re playing in a recreational league, the games should be fun. You should be enjoying the game while you’re on the bench. You might even find that you’ll play better when you do.¬†Here are some of the “jokes” I throw out there when I’m on the bench to try to get people to laugh and have fun.

Ask the guy next to you, “Do I look fat with all these pads on?”

In the middle of the second period ask everyone, “Which way are we going now?

When the team is losing bad, say in a depressed way, “I wish I was a hockey player … (long pause) … for the other team.

Two seconds after the game starts, tell everyone that, “I don’t mean to be negative, but we are so going to lose this game!

Point to your teeth and say, “After the great fight of ’98, I had to get all of these put in, brand new.

If you have any good jokes for the bench, throw them my way.

3 thoughts on “Keep It Fun on the Bench

  1. Kevin Sikora says:

    If your team can’t seem to get the puck past the center red line for very long, ask the guy next to you, “Are we just playing half court?”

  2. Kevin Sikora says:

    Chuck Norris jokes are always fun. Did you know Chuck Norris can blow bubbles with beef jerky? Chuck Norris got bitten by a rattle snake one time while camping. After 5 days of excruciating pain, the rattle snake finally died.

  3. colin.forrest.thompson says:

    A girl I used to play with in a co-ed league once inspired our team during a time out by pointing out that “we’re never going to win if we keep losing!”

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