Listerine for that clean hockey glove smell

Listerine for Clean Hockey Glove Smell

Listerine for that clean hockey glove smellI love playing hockey, but I hate that after game “aroma.” I’ve tried different things to prevent, or at least contain the smell. Let the equipment dry and spray it with some disinfectant. Add deodorant to your hockey bag. Those worked to some degree. But your hands always smell so bad after a game.

Secret Ingredient

This solution came to me from a fellow hockey mom. Listerine! Sure enough … it did the trick! The gloves were clean and with a slight scent of mint. Ahhhh …


Here’s the recipe. Fill a bucket, or a sink, with enough luke warm water to cover your gloves. Add less than ¼ cup of bleach free laundry detergent and about 1/3 cup (20 ml) of Listerine Cool Mint mouth wash. Put the gloves into the water. Dunk them a few times to make sure they have been completely exposed to the “secret recipe.” Let the gloves soak for half an hour and then rinse them with cold water. After that, let them drain and hang them somewhere with good air ventilation so that they can dry in a reasonable amount of time. The gloves need to dry completely. Damp, or wet gear, causes mold that can intensify that unpleasant smell.

Try It

Hopefully these simple steps will help lessen the smell for you too as they did for me. Let me know about your experience.

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