Hockey Stick Tape

Team Tape

Hockey Stick TapeHockey teams all wear the same uniforms, or close to it. Everybody tapes up their sticks. Would it be better for the team if everyone taped up their sticks with the same recognizable, colored tape? I convinced two of my teams to try it out.

Tape Selection

I bought neon green tape for the teams. The neon green seemed to hold its color better than some of the other colors. Pink would probably be the best color. But I didn’t want to even attempt selling that to the teams.

Team tape


After about a month of playing with the same colored tape on our sticks, I asked the players what they thought. Here’s what they had to say.

Maher, our goalie, had this to say.

“I leave my gear at the rink. Before the last game I played, I showed up early. I saw someone using my stick. I knew that guy was using my stick because of the green tape.”

Mark, a skater, brought up a good point that I didn’t think about.

“I’m up for all things that make us feel more like a team.”

He was right. We did look more like a team on the rink.


What surprised me was that no one said it was easier to find the sticks of the their team members on the rink. I had originally started this experiment because I thought that that would be the main benefit of sticks taped up with the same color tape.

I’m glad we tried this experiment. It didn’t cost a lot. It was easy to do. It had the potential to help our team play better. It didn’t work out as expected. But at least we tried something new.

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