IKEA Frakta Shopping Bag

Youth Roller Hockey Bag

I hate gIKEA Frakta Shopping Bagoing to IKEA. But our Swedish friends have come up with another product to lure me back into their gigantic maze. They sell a fantastic youth roller hockey bag.


When you check out at IKEA, they have a big bin of those $0.99 blue bags¬†next to each counter. I must say, these bags are great. I use them for everything around the house. But they work great as roller hockey bags for the kids. First of all, they’re cheap … and strong. You can’t go wrong with this $1 bag. What does a normal, cheap, hockey bag cost? At least $20.


The other benefit of these IKEA bags is that they are open on top. The gear will dry out a lot faster with a bag like this. Normal hockey bags tend to trap the humidity inside of the bag if you don’t open them up. If you or your kids forget to open the bag after every session, the humidity can cause skates to break down. Let’s face it, the kids will forget and you’ll be too tired.


I haven’t tried this out for ice hockey. But I could see ice hockey skates cutting up a bag like this pretty fast unless you covered the blades with something. If you covered the blades, this bag should work in theory.

No Wheels

These bags don’t have any wheels. That’t good. It will get the kids tougher, faster if they have to carry their own gear.


You can’t go wrong trying this bag out. It’s less than a dollar. If it doesn’t work out, use it as a bag for groceries.

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